Personal Wellness Plan to Balance Emotions

There's no black-and-white system to anything psychological. Instead, there's strengthening your own brain and a philosophy of emotional science to help you find what makes you balanced in your body. Since no 2 snowflakes are alike, nobody can say what works for everyone. Therefore, take in the philosophy and science of how emotions work and work on yourself that way.

  1. First, you need the ability to think. If a medication you're taking limits the way you can think or what you can do, it may hinder the process of recovery.
  2. Start to take meds that improve your ability for deep reasoning. Thinking is a very healthy thing to do.
  3. Start to understand the ways of emotion, that every up needs a down. Yin and yang is that philosophy. Go on Google and start researching which things are yang and which are yin. Understand how yin becomes yang and yang becomes yin, and they need each other and cannot be separated. Any time separation is attempted, all it creates is imbalance or mental illness.

There are combinations of therapies and ways of carrying out daily activity that's right for you and promotes a healthy emotional balance. Personally, I think equal parts sadness with happiness is a healthy balance, but I suppose there's no official definition. I mean, if you're happy all the time, then where's the sadness? Every up needs a down. If you're up, up, up all the time, then you'd end up in Andromeda. You'd no longer be on this Earth. See what I mean? As for equal parts sad and happy, you never have to go out of your way to create sad. It's like the yin and yang symbol, equal parts. Also, about yin and yang, it isn't female and male; that's a Western over-simplification to try and sum the study into one sentence. Each of the women and each of the men need to be balanced, it isn't one takes the yang and one takes the yin; if they were to do so, the 2 wouldn't be able to function without one another. In the East, there's no confusion about this. In the West, we like to separate the male and female way too much and way too extremely, and end up creating a delusion. The attributes of yang don't describe a man, and the attributes of yin don't describe a woman. The philosophy is ancient science, it isn't a dating website.

  • This kind of plan can also be called Personal medicine.
  • Getting physical activity and sunlight creates good energy.
  • Sweat as much as possible.
  • Listen to your body, analyze how each food makes you feel. See blood for more therapies and ways of living.
  • Try sleep music or this brain therapy.
  • Smoothies are a good way to balance emotions.
  • Download a brain wave generator to experiment with them — I find that's the best way since every case is different.
  • Get the correct medicine, and you cannot rely on the psychiatrist only to determine what you need. You must listen to your body. I was forced into that position because I was too confused to know what I was going through. I didn't know enough to seek help. I experimented with herbal medications, over-the-counter sleep aids and nutrition supplements before I found the right medication for me. If you're going with a psychiatrist or psychologist for care, then make sure you keep in frequent contact to tell them how you feel.

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